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nhonahoe's Journal

17 June
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28 days later, 80's cartoons, accents, adam sandler, alcohol, arcades, beautiful south, beer, being lazy, big brother, burger king, canada, carrie, cartoons, championship manager, chasing amy, chilling, clerks, co. durham, computers, concerts, counting crows, cover versions, craghead, daniel negreanu, deftones, detroit redwings, dogma, drinking, driving, dvds, earl grey, eating, eddie izzard, eels, ehm, english martyrs, everything, family guy, feeder, fight club, films, final fantasy, football, fosters, friends, gambling, gnomes, gradius, hangovers, hartlepool, heath ledger, helen hunt, henry's cat, holy grail, ice hockey, ice skating, imagination, incubus, invitational meets, james woods, jimmy eat world, john cusack, julia stiles, kirsten dunst, lapsang souchon, leicester, life, life of brian, live music, lo fidelity allstars, lord of the rings, mallrats, mario kart, mathematics, meeting people, megadrive, monty python, movies, muse, music, new order, newcastle united, niklas lidstrom, nintendo, nirvana, parents, parodius, perfect circle, personality, peter f. hamilton, playstation, poker, pool, ps2, rainbows, ralph wiggum, reading, reese witherspoon, religion, risk-taking, robbie, rounders, rugby, sausages, sci-fi, scrubs, secret of mana, shakespeare, shouting, simpsons, skiing, sleeping, smashing pumpkins, snes, snooker, soccer, spaceghost, stanley, star control, star wars, steve yzerman, stewie griffin, subway, super furry animals, super punch out, system of a down, teaching, teh chuntay, tekken, tekken bowl, terris, the breakfast club, the housemartins, the offspring, the peoples' flat, the smiths, the universe, the viper, thps2, tolkien, true faith, tunde, usual suspects, video games, view askew, weezer, witty banter